Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nursery bed update

The nursery bed of fall brassicas is coming along. The seedlings are seemingly healthy - good color, plump leaves. They still lack their first true leaves, but i don't foresee that being a problem. It seems that it is only spring brassica that give me fits. I still chock it up to the temperature swings in the greenhouse.

Update: 7/4 - Signs of real leaf growth are everywhere. While some of the rows are a bit spotty in germination, there are more than enough to fill our space. That won't stop me from starting broccoli in the last three rows in this bed soon.

    A squirrel's eye view, looking north.

    True leaves being deployed
    Nursery bed, by the row (south -> north):

    • Broccoli - Pacman
    • DiCicco - broccoli
    • Cabbage -mystery x (package discarded)
    • Cabbage - derby day
    • Cabbage - Famosa Hybrid
    • Cabbage - Danish Ballhead
    • Cabbage - Jan king
    • Cauliflower - snow crown
    • Brussels - Franklin
    • Brussels - Roodnerf
    • Broccoli - purple sprouting
    • Broccoli - purple sprouting
    • 3 rows blank and awaiting another planting
    • Leeks are at the end. They are several inches tall now and will be planted out by the end of July.

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