Monday, July 4, 2011

Donations for greens

Gallon bags of fresh greens away those who enter.
July 5th update - 

For future reference, people who are headed to the fair for the day do not want to purchase yummy lettuce, even for a meager donation. People seem to wish yummy greens when they are milling about on a nice weekend and will head home soon.

We did have one person stop in the late afternoon. They took 1 bag and left $5.00. That's way too much, sir and madam. If you come back, we'll give you at least one more for your donation. I do trust that you found it very tasty. I've had three big salads out of that same picking and it is sweet and refreshing, no need for dressing.

The cooler did work very well, though the top portion did get a tad warm. I think it would stay thoroughly cool if it were shaded at all.

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