Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cleaning the worm bin

This is a wheel barrow full of mostly processed material from the worm bin. It looks like more in the wheel barrow than it does laid out the plastic. A lot of food scraps went into making this, from last summer until now. It is amazing how so much apparent volume condenses through decomposition.

I'll gather any worms that I can from here and send them back to the bin for more action. I also need to see what I'm doing wrong with the bin, as my population of red worms is very small and the population of white ones is very large. Even though the white worms love the environment I foster, I'd like a little more balance to the bin.

Update: The number of red worms I collected from here was pathetic. I certainly killed off most of the population sometime back. From what I've read, that could mean lower moisture content than optimal, too high of temperature, or lack proper air circulation. I think I can rule out temperature. My best guess is that the worms died off early in the spring. I bet it was the moisture content. I will try again to order worms and make adjustments.

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