Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A great pea season

Snaps and shellers.

The weather may be cooler than normal, but that suits the peas just fine. All but gone (down the hatch) is the first planting of Super Sugar Snaps. We are actively picking a heavy load of Alderman now. They really are the best shelling pea around. Next up is the second planting of Super Sugar Snaps. They'll be better than the first round. They have reached their full height and seem to have plenty of moisture (unlike the first planting which suffered at the end). They are also loaded down with pods.

Snow Peas, too.

We also started grazing on a little planting of snow peas. It is a trial more than anything, filling in about 10' of ground behind the garlic. They are a bush variety. I was suspecting them to be about as poor as the bush snaps I put in last year. Those were not good, at best passible in a stir-fry. I'm pleasantly pleased by these. They are sweet and tender. I will put more in next year, with the intention of freezing them for winter.

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