Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful germination

A soil block site told me that there was no reason to cover the seeds when using blocks. It went on to say that there's plenty of  moisture in the block to let it germinate properly. I've tried this a few times and can say that it  works very well (lettuce is especially quick to germinate in this fashion). It also gives you a great perspective on what is going on just after germination. I find these little broccoli beautiful.
Newly emerged broccoli

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bolting toward Harvest Monday

Even though the overwintering crowd has started to bolt toward the barn doors, they remain plentiful and tasty.

The Brussels Sprouts are popping open in small explosive blooms, spurring me to pick clean a few of the plants. Nature works, though. I didn't get them all. Some had bolted entirely, some I just missed. These would bloom if left to their own devices, and may still, though it will be from the compost bin.

One cabbage came indoors, the last remains in the field, its seemingly chaotic splatter of long-packed-together leaves reaching in every direction. The chard is putting on new growth, the kale stretches skyward and the rest of the garden residents are trying to remain unseen as they edge toward the doors.

Spring is near, though it is under a cover of frost this morning.

Leeks, sprouts, spinach and chard await the pizza stone.
The sauce is from our canned summer stores.

We still have squash in the larder. This pint is being
dried to satisfy work snack cravings.

(Go see what else is bolting at Daphne's Harvest Monday site).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sprouts for breakfast

I continue to try to eat my way through what remains. Our Brussels sprouts, leeks, and garlic join with some tasty mushrooms for breakfast.