Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everything is coming on

What's are we picking now, what is close? Everything is the answer. The long days, the heat and our recent clear skies have brought everything out of whatever funk it was in. We are picking raspberries and strawberries daily. The last stand of snap-peas is absolutely loaded and being picked on demand. I've been picking around a pound each of the last few days to take to work. Shari has also been picking daily for the house and neighbors.Our lettuce supply is actually dwindling, but I have a couple flats to plant out. They may not be big enough to pull and eat, but we should be able to pick leaves if needed. The winter squash and pole beans are also blooming.

Lettuce to plant out

Snap Peas, super sweet as always.

Bell pepper, yellow if all goes well.

Big Bomb pepper. Will it bring the heat?

Slicing cucumbers

Baby eggplant

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