Friday, May 13, 2011

Things to do

It feels like I'm falling behind. I am a fan of the list. I should make them more.
This is a bus ride's worth of tasks:
  1. plant out squash/pumpkin into front bed
    • maybe plant with corn. Their timings may go okay, as the corn will be gone by the end of July if it comes on at all.
  2. plant out cucumber
  3. find a container or two for Cruiser cucumber in greenhouse. (perhaps give on to coworker).
  4. plant out remainder of sunflower 
  5. plant out San Marzano tomatoes (5/16 - one goes in with the beans, still another to move out or into a container within the greenhouse)
  6. pot up lettuce
  7. move eggplant, tomato for greenhouse into final containers
  8. move peppers into final containers within greenhouse
  9. move some peppers out into hot garden spots - front yard?
  10. move along tomatoes that are destined for people (5/18) - all tomatoes have been given homes except mom's. The remainder need to find larger pots or homes in the ground.
  11. plant out onion 
    • inter-plant with front collards/kale
    • within strawberry bed in back
  12. begin Leek nursery bed 
  13. begin nursery bed for fall broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts 
  14. add strings to front bed peas. (5/14)
  15. finish bean trellis, plant out beans (5/16)
  16. plant out sweet potato (5/14)
  17. plant out cilantro (5/16)
  18. plant out dill (5/16)
  19. plant out a few broccoli (5/16) There are more to go. At this point I'm not too concerned with summer broccoli, but I don't want to just kill them off. 

Remaining new front bed, maybe a good mix of plants:

  • tomatoes (2)
  • cilantro
  • cucumber? Kabocha?
  • onion
  • basil

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