Saturday, May 14, 2011

The peas are blooming

The snap peas in the front beds are starting to bloom. These are the first planting of peas, put in on Feb 18ish. There is another planting in the back that are coming along, but certainly show their later start.


  1. I was just telling Terry yesterday that I didn't think anyone's peas were blooming yet.

    Thanks so much for the pepper offer, I'd love to try one of your Big Bomb Peppers. I haven't seen those before. Let me know when you want to move it out of your greenhouse.

    Terry wants to know if you want any of our slugs... we have quite a variety to choose from. Ha!

  2. I hadn't seen your comment until now, this morning. It'll be nice to compare pepper growth. I haven't tried this Big Bomb before. I do regret to say that I think we'll pass on the slugs, until we get a duck or two.