Sunday, May 22, 2011

A change of plans, of course

There is less of a plan and more of a gist of where things are going to go. Instead of a second plot of beans, I decided to make it the nursery bed for leeks and fall brassica. Another plot that had 10' of shelling peas will now be the home for the cucumbers and a few more beans, or perhaps a squash. 
This is the fall nursery bed. To the right of the
visible stick are leek seeds. These seeds are
from a leek that we let go to seed last year.
There were peas here until this morning. I
put them in too late. Enation would get probably
get them before they produced well. I added
the vertical strings to train the cucumbers up.
There are 4 cucumbers in. Beans will probably
take the remaining spots.

Wide angle of the remaining peas and
the cleared section.

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