Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Late night potting

The greenhouse, pretty full-up these days.
It was late for me, 11:00 when I snapped this picture. It is the greenhouse last night after finishing some re-potting in preparation for donating starts to the upcoming Tacoma Nature Center plant sale (this Saturday, May 7).

We will be donating various varieties of:

  • Tomato (45)
  • Pepper (24)
  • Eggplant (~10)
  • Lettuce (~50 at varied stages)
  • Sunflower (~20)
  • Raspberry (~6)

The throngs of visitors generated by this post (my mom is reading this, I know for sure, I think) will make it a success. We raised around $350 last year. I was hoping for more this time around, but it seems a little doubtful now (see #2 and #3 below).
Just like taking my Probability & Statistics final, I realized a good handful if things during last night's operation. They were pretty obvious at the time, but not leading up to it, like:

  1. plant directly into all the extra plastic 6-cell containers that you have instead of thinking that you can easily transplant 50 lettuce into those containers. This will probably be why we don't have more in the leafy green category (mustard, lettuce). Onion would work like this as well (note to self-that'd be a good way to distribute onion starts).
  2. plan ahead more. I thought I was going to hit the day better, having things like basil more developed and ready, but they are too small.
  3. plan ahead more. Did I already say this? Well, do more if it, self.

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