Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beans, carrots, and everything else

The day was unexpectedly beautiful. I was also off work and home. In addition to not having to commute and getting to spend time with Luke, I got out to finish putting in the beans, thin the carrots, generally weed a couple beds, rake out another and plant out a bunch of stuff that up until then I hadn't any idea where to put any of it. But it had to go, so the remainder of the cilantro is out, a bunch of lettuce went, along with some basil and a couple trial squash as the sacrificial cucurbit.

It seems that it all survived the clear night (the thermostat read 35 this morning, I think it was closer to 40). I need to get the remainder of the squash out in the front, perhaps with some covering. Otherwise, they are going to just stunt and die where they are.

As an added bonus, we pounced on our Tacoma Kitchen Garden neighbors as they walked by and talked their ears off. It was all very pleasant.


  1. Hi Randy, It was so fun meeting you and touring your garden. After walking by your home & garden for years now, it's so wonderful to finally get to know who are behind the beautiful transformation of "that craftsman house" and "parking strip garden".

    Thanks again for the pepper starts- they had a nice walk around the neighborhood on their way home.

  2. I'm glad to hear that they took a little tour. They'll produce better for you if they are happy, of course. It was very fun to talk with the both of you. You are welcome anytime (which means that we are doomed if you are vampires).