Saturday, May 21, 2011

Corn up, Squash planted out, Tomato update

The replanted corn has all come up, making me think more so that the I let the first planting get overly cold. The corn does look a little spindly, a lack of water or high temperature beneath the plastic I think. The corn coverings are off today. They'll get a little drink, as its raining. I put out sugar pie pumpkins and a bunch of winter squash (Galeaux, Hubbard, Butternut, Spaghetti, Kabocha). They are transplants. I'm tempting the fates as transplanting squash is said to be very problematic. The tomatoes in the front bed are growing well. Many are flowering and they are putting on more size. I pulled back the covering yesterday morning so they would not fry in our 1st 70 degree day of the year. A huge waft of hot air greeted me as I pulled off the plastic around 7:00am. Plastics - they work.

Corn, 1st and 2nd plantings. There's squash in there, too.
They should coexist nicely. They are natural companions.
If I was less timid, I'd plant more squash in there. The corn
will be done by the end of July, leaving the remainder of
the summer to the squash.

Newly set out squash. These two will overflow
their expansive bed.

The tomatoes get a day of direct sun.

Front to back: bed of kale and collards;
bed of a mixed bag (squash, lettuce, cilantro);
bed of sweet potato, bed of bush tomato for canning.

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