Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest Halloween Monday

Sized up for winter.
Not many photos these week
The garden remains productive. I noticed that many of the broccoli seems to have another round of side growth of good size. I definitely will be growing more Fiesta next year. The Chard is superb this year. It tastes like Spinach, which I hadn't noticed before. Maybe I just wish I had more Spinach in the ground.

The late plantings of carrots seem to have grown out to a good size. I hope that these are good representatives. We have about 15' of carrots. Also in that bed are beets, chard, and leeks. Many of the beets are of picking size also. I'm not expecting a lot more growth of of any of these this year.

Sweet Potatoes
We also dug the sweet potatoes. The yield was underwhelming to be generous. Many of the tubers did not fill out. They were the right length, but remained thin. Shari peeled, steamed and froze what we got. Next year I'll put them under plastic for the entire season. The undersized tubers may have a use. I am going to try to ave and sprout them in the spring.

Happy Halloween


  1. Your carrots look great. I haven't tried to grow sweet potatoes yet but Mother Earth magazine had a great article recently about how to grow them well in the north. I may give them a try next year.

  2. Thanks. It remains to be seen how far they get us. For now, so far so good. Carrots are great in our winters. We don't get snow like you. Those are some pretty images you have.

  3. I want to try growing sweet potatoes here, but am worried that they won't have a long enough or hot enough season. I hadn't thought about putting them under plastic, but that would be a good idea.

  4. Wonderful job on growing those sweet potatoes - not an easy thing in our region's cool and damp summers.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. This is our second year trying out Sweet Potatoes. I will definitely put them under plastic for most of the year next time around.