Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Monday

Relegated to hang out with the recycling and garbage cans.
Thankfully, this isn't from this year. This technique (or is
it a trick?) did work. Most of these tomatoes found
their way into canning jars. 
Back to the present, here's an interesting mix of summer
and winter pickings. There are still a few eggplant
after this one. This butternut was on the small side, but
went very well with the potatoes, broccoli and beets
that shared my dinner plate.
Each of these beets was a pound. I was afraid
that the may have turned tough, but
was happily disappointed. They were excellent.

The last of the beans were tasty, along with mounds of
broccoli, chard, and tomatoes and jalapenos in last night's stir fry for
today's lunch.
The chard is plentiful and sweet all the
way to the end of the stalk.

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  1. Good work on getting the last of the tomatoes successfully ripened. It can be a real challenge in our growing region to get a decent crop of tomatoes and this year was particularly challenging with the cooler than normal weather we experienced.


  2. Thanks! I didn't want to have a repeat of last year's failure. Thanks for the visit. I travel to your page often. You have many good ideas, for certain.