Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mother Earth in Puyallup

This weekend is the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup. It is going to be a beautiful weekend and there appears to be a ton of interesting talks, workshops and vendors on tap.

I have a reoccurring solar panel dream. It resurfaced a few weeks ago. I've begun looking over the potential for solar generation here via sites like PVWatts again. There is a speaker at the fair this weekend,  Dan Chiras, who is a solar advocate, author and speaker (of course). If I can't make his presentation, there are bound to be a vendors who know there stuff and can answer my list of questions. I need to make that list up, still.

It is pretty remarkable to think that western Washington is exposed to enough sunshine to make solar panels worthwhile. We aren't New Mexico, where our summer months barely beats there winter months, but if  Scandinavian countries do it, we should be able to also.

Seattle and Albuquerque's solar radiation exposure by month.

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