Friday, March 18, 2011

Rainy day planting

The day brought torrents of rain, but the evening just a drizzle. The temperature was warm, 50s, and the ground soft. All in all, a very nice day to spend some time out back.

Started Talon Onions in 10" pot in greenhouse. They'll grow long and lanky by the time they are planted out in June for a fall harvest. These are storage onions. They've been good before, holding most of the way through the winter.

East bed, starting at the South edge:
  • 2x Bull's Blood Beet
  • 2x Red Ace Beet
  • 2x Peacemaker III Beet
  • 3x Regatta Hybrid Spinach
  • 2x Wild Garden Mustard
  • 2x Pac Choi
Moved the Kale and Collards from where the Peas will go. They are now adjacent to the other over-wintered Collards and Kale. These were the last Kale and Collards to go in, sometime in September. They grew only to 4-5", but withstood the winter perfectly.

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