Monday, March 28, 2011

Greenhouse update

The greenhouse is filling nicely since the weekend's flurry of activity. I have moved most of the soil blocks from trays that are open on the bottom to something that'll retain some water for the blocks to absorb. They are looking better, more moist now. Before this they were drying out, of course, yet the broccoli was trying to get a root-hold.

I noticed the 1st couple Heinze 2653 tomatoes have sprung from their potting blocks. These blocks are on the heat pad and under a dome. The heat pad boosts germination times without fail. They are fabulous. Buy one of the $25 types that doesn't have a thermostat. These seem to work just fine. I've yet to see something that doesn't spring quickly with this unregulated heat.

Along the lines of the heat pad, I noticed a couple Talon Onions are out of their blocks. These are on the other heat mat.

The tomatoes from the weekend are all doing well now. I didn't give enough water to one of the flats and they slumped over like a batch of Borfins. They popped back up in a couple hours after a good drenching.

The Broccoli and related bassicas are still alive, a notable thing. Last year was horrid and I wait for the day that I go out there to find them limp and dying.

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