Monday, March 28, 2011

Big planting day

To follow up a vigorous weekend, I took the couple hours between work and darkness to put in bunch of stuff. Each is about a 3' row, planted across the north-south rows. I also took a few minutes to label pots and trays in the greenhouse. There are too many items in there to remember what's what, because you just never will or can.

I also put in the last of the onions this morning:

1 sampler packet of Red Bull Onion into a 10" pot. These will grow out nice and lanky for transplanting in a month or so.

What went in tonight.

In front of the greenhouse between the remaining green onion and the Leeks. 

  • Cherry Belle Radishes
  • 2x Swiss Chard
  • 1x Collards
In the east-center row, between the existing Collards and the grape:
  • 4x Mokum Hybrid Carrot
  • 2x Napa Hybrid Carrot
  • 2x White Russian Kale
  • 3x Toscana (maybe 2)
  • 1x Collard

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