Sunday, March 27, 2011

Missing stock, and schedule?

I felt like were lacking some seeds, but it turns out that I'm wrong, mostly. I checked the inventory and there were only a couple things missing. One was my current favorite carrot, YaYa. The other was a couple types of Kabocha (a winter squash) that I want to try for this year. I have carrots on hand, and in the ground. The squash doesn't get started for a few more weeks. I suppose the inventory is good.

I also feel like I'm behind schedule. I think this is more true than the stock issue. I have a good number of things in the ground, but they feel later than last year. The peas are an exception, they are exactly the same as last year. The tomatoes are the other. They are weeks ahead of last year, the middle/end of March last year. The broccoli and cousins are nubbins now, onions in, and the lettuce is poking out as well. If I can keep the broccoli from dying this year I'll be happy. It is a week away from what seems my critical stage - putting on true leaves. Last year it got to that point and then stalled and died. I put my finger on the swings of heat that it felt. I think they were too wide throughout the day. I will move some samples out of the greenhouse this year to compare.

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