Monday, March 28, 2011

Label, label, label

Note to self (as nobody has this link), always write down or label the rows as they go in. I discovered tonight that I lost the post / note regarding the front pea rows. There is a row of Alderman and a row of Super Sugar Snaps, each 10', but which is which I don't know. I have another packet of Super Sugar Snaps sprouted in a pint jar. They were supposed to be added to the other row out there, the thought being that they'd be a couple weeks behind and give us a longer harvest time over the same row. I feel like the rows are a little sparse. I don't want to mix pea variety, thought.

I have two jars of peas to go in still, the Super Sugar Snaps, and a bushy type Snow Pea. I think the Snow Peas will go into one of the new front beds, with the hope that they'll make it out of the ground in time for the tomatoes to go in. They are labeled as 70 days, making the end date something in the early part of June. That should work for tomatoes.

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