Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will the broccoli survive this year?

Luke and I planted out some of the brassica blocks the other day. It is an experiment. They don't have any true leaves, but if I weren't to do anything different from last year, they'd all die anyhow. Last year, I couldn't get any broccoli to starts to survive in the greenhouse. I look for answers, but I haven't found a resource that calls out anything special when it comes to broccoli. My theory now is that the wide swings of heat are just not what they want. They like the cool and that's what we are giving them by planting them out, especially in this perpetual drizzle and gloom of a northwest Spring of ours. There are some left within the greenhouse and there are a batch of Collards in the house. All of them are still stuck at the pre-true leaf stage. Their cotyledons, the leaves that from from the embryo, are big and healthy looking. I stare at them daily, looking for signs of new growth. I expect them to die, but also expect that one of these variants will live.

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