Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garden Plot, April 4Garden

April ~1, 2011

Main garden plot, as of a few days ago. The greenhouse has tomato, onion, sunflower and brassica starts currently. There are peas in the parking patch (2 rows of 10', one Alderman, one Super Sugar Snap). There is nothing in the new front yard boxes. The strawberries are definitely showing new growth, must weed that bed this weekend.


  1. Hi Larsons, just saw your blog. You have quite the gardening operation going on. I had no idea that you had such a large garden in the back yard. Very inspiring! I'll have to tell Terry that he is slacking. lol!

    As far as your broccoli issue goes... We didn't have problems last year, but we kept the starts in the house a long time where the temperature is moderated. Some of our brassicas that we planted out too soon did not do well because of the temp fluxes last year. They stayed small and bolted.

    This year's broccoli starts are still in the house now and very leggy. I think we may transition them out soon.

  2. It would be a better operation with some broccoli.. They grow well when I start them in the summer for the fall. Our experiments continue. We'd love to come down and see your spread some day, and the kitchen.