Friday, April 29, 2011

Raccoons visit, asparagus feels wanted.

Gracie came in last night with sprigs of the hops ensnared by her fur. That's 20' further than she is supposed to go into the back yard. This morning's investigation revealed a not-so dog sized hole where she was trying to squeeze behind the greenhouse, tunneling through the hop. A smattering of other devastation is here and there as the onions and lettuce took it in their respective shorts.

I am pretty sure there was a raccoon or two back there. I've seen them prowling recently. They don't do much harm to the garden, though I noticed that many of the asparagus are now mowed down. It looks like that dinner will have to wait a few more days.

Plants march on, weathering stormy skies and pawing critters. It is a good lesson for me, that I continue to work on. Pristinely laid out grids of lettuce rarely stay so, yet there is enough lettuce. The asparagus, however, is a more limited resource. Please, sir raccoon, leave the rest for us.

On a starting note, a bunch more seeds went in: cucumber, winter squashes and pumpkin. I also moved along another 32 lettuce that have reached a good stage (1/2" height).
I must move a bunch of lettuce into gallon pots so they may live out their lives in the greenhouse. We'll have salad this weekend, almost for sure.

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