Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful day!

I don't think this was predicted, but it sure was nice to get a break from our gloomy, dripping skies.

The peas (Snap Peas I suspect) are doing great. I moves the plastic up off the hoops today and onto a string. I'll take it off when they reach it.

The beans are bursting, waking from their somewhat long hibernation. They are not covered, but seem to be doing just fine.

The Tomato, peppers and lettuce are growing well now. The tomato are well past their die off. I think we lost about 20. Trying to save a few, I repotted them in new, less soggy, soil, up to the first true leaves. This seemed to work for many of them, though they are noticeably lagging and a little sickly.

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