Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pickles, leather, pickles

Today was a good day for preserving.  We put away four pounds of pickles and a bit of squash. We don't eat a lot of pickles, so four pounds is pretty good for us. I put two pounds into a jar to ferment and canned the other two. Shari made some bread & butter pickles the other week. Basically, we are playing the pickle field for now. I'm glad to say that I still like squash-leather. It is going to let me free up some much needed space in the freezer. That space is probably going to go to beans and to a fall crop of broccoli that is coming on much earlier than I anticipated. 
Fermenting pickles

2 Cups of Squash comes to this


  1. Squash leather??? What an interesting idea!

  2. I got it from a book called Independence Days, all about self sufficient food practices. There aren't a ton of recipes (not really its focus), but some pretty good information. The leather tastes a but like pumpkin pie.