Monday, August 29, 2011


Some, but not all of this, was dinner last night. It ended up stir-fried and next to some rice. Most of the remaining beans will find themselves blanched today; a couple of the eggplant will go to work with me to give away; and the remaining tomatoes will go into the freezer where they'll wait for the rest of the canning tomatoes to get ripe.

I'm also posting this link to Daphne's Harvest Monday entry.  I ran across her through Laura's Modern Victory Garden blog. Both are consistent, high quality posters.


  1. Your harvest looks great! How do you can your tomatos? Whole, as a puree? Marinara?

  2. We end up doing puree. It is easier to process and that's always how we end up using them anyhow. We'll buy a food mill this year, provided we can get plenty in to process. That'll be fun.