Monday, February 6, 2012

Harvest Monday

We, through not aggressively eating our way through the garden, are still pulling much from it.  There are still beets, a few cabbages, loads of kale & collards, green onion, and Brussels. The carrots are mostly gone and the last of the broccoli was picked and its bed cleared in preparation for peas.

This post is part of the Harvest Monday collection over at Daphne's Dandelions. Head on over to see what is left of other people's winter gardens.

From a Brussels' point of view

Cabbage and Brussels on the block for the wok


  1. FALLING, I'm falling..... LOL. Your brussels are... brusselly. Not a fan of them myself but they are nice to look at. Sounds like you still have a bit of eating to do. ;-)

  2. Your sprouts looks so great. I love them and keep thinking of growing them. I did buy seed this year. I'll see if they get in the garden or not.

  3. The images are now in a more reasonable orientation :)

    This was the first year of growing spouts in any sort of number. I do love them so, and their ability to shed water and reasonably freezing weather is living up to their reputation.

  4. I'm not that keen on cabbage, I think mostly because it was not something we ate very often when I was a kid; just as coleslaw sometimes. But I adore Brussels sprouts. I just haven't had good luck growing them here yet. I think I still have some seed, so will try again this year...

  5. Nice looking brussels sprouts, never thought of combine them with cabbage.

    1. Most things get combined these days. I am not certain the difference between cabbage and Brussels after a sir fry, though.. Basically all cabbage, and yummy.

  6. I simply adore brussel sprouts and yours look really good. Well done on pacing yourself through the fall/winter crops. That cabbage looks awful nice too!

  7. beauitful brussels. We are still waiting one our cabbages